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Blank wall plates, door signs, tags, badgesdiscover our selection of ready to engrave items.
Labels & tags ready to engrave

Labels & Tags

ready to engrave

A safe and effective way to label

Plates and tags can be anything from a shelf label to an electrical tag. Identification and traceability are essential for safety in a manufacturing plant, workshop or any other environment. Push buttons, selector switches, indicator lights, cable tags, identification plates... in plastic or aluminium, choose from our selection of blank plates. Use our highly durable legend plates and tags to stay on top of any safety requirements. Our Gravoply™ blank tags are non-conductive. We recommend materials such as Gravoply™ 1 that is scratch-resistant, and Gravoply™ 2 or Gravoply™ Laser with a surface layer of a few microns, for detailed and durable tracking and identification. We can manufacture custom legend plates and industrial labels based on your specifications: please request a quotation.

Badges standards or customs

Blank Name Badges

Standards or custom

Choose your badges from our selection or create your own

There’s more than one way to buy a name badge. Ready-made badges save you time and money. Blank name badges are a constant need for restaurants, hotels, clubs, military uniforms and more. Employees often change or lose their badges. By having these items pre-fabricated in your shop, you’ll to be ready for urgent, last-minute requests. Choose from our ready-to-engrave range or request your own custom blank name badge and finish it off with the mounting of your choice. Choose your colour and fastening method from the standard sizes or request a custom blank name badge from us. Custom badges keep all your customers satisfied, no matter how specific their badge needs may be.

Door plates in a metallic look

Blank Door Signs

In a metallic look

A wide range of high-end blank door signs for all styles

Door signs are used to both navigate and direct your clients while also representing your brand. In watchmaking-quality brass, all our brass plaques are easy to engrave. A varnished surface protects them against oxidation and makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Black, red, blue, green... choose the colour to paint fill the engraving with Gravolaque or Nitrolaque. Brass plates are delivered with screws to make it simple for your customer to fix it themselves. As an alternative to brass, we propose blank wall plates in plastic, with the look of the metal but without the cost. For any other shape or material, please feel free to contact us so we will manufacture your door plate according to your specifications!

Blank medals and tags to engrave

Medals & Tags

Blank tags to engrave

A range of traditional and stylish pet tags and other blank tags

A comprehensive and stylish range of tags in aluminium, brass and steel that is compatible with laser and mechanical engraving and diamond marking. Pet tags are items every pet owner wants and needs immediately. Gravotech supplies both large and small ready to engrave pet tags of various shapes and colours. Keep your shelves stocked and your pet parents happy! Some shapes can be used as promotional items for different events during the year. Have a look at these engravables and make your choice from this range of blank pet tags and tags. Don’t forget to order the ball chains, fasteners and rings to fix your tag.

Ornamental plaques for personalisation

Ornemental Plaques

For personnalisation

High-quality metal plaques for gifts, gift boxes and works of art

Ornamental plates are used to personalise gifts, gift boxes, trophies, awards, statues and works of art, frames, display cases and more. Browse through a variety of shapes and sizes to find the perfect addition to your next project. Our engravable plates are made of high-quality metal and designed for mechanical attachment and self-adhesive. Choose from our brass, aluminium and metallic-effect plastic models. We also propose to make custom ornamental plates in the Metallex or Gravometall colour you want. Make sure to suit your customer’s need! Contact us and we will be glad to manufacture blank plates for you.