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Equipment nameplates marking

Equipment nameplates and industrial manufacturers, create and engrave your ID plates while ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Equipment nameplates are mandatory for identifying and tracing industrial machines, equipment and vehicles. Typically made of metal or plastic to withstand the test of time, these identification plates come in various sizes and shapes, and provide essential information about a product or machine. They can include a logo, brand, address, serial numbers, text, safety instructions, pictograms, or symbols. These plates must comply with various regulations depending on the geographic region in which they are sold. They can be created using either a laser, dot-peen, scribing or a rotary ID plate engraving machine.

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If you are looking for ID tags such as industrial signage for pipes, cables, and device operations, please visit our dedicated page at this link.

Choose the right ID plate engraving machine

Our IMPACT standalone dot-peen machine is a cost-effective, quick, and easy-to-configure marking solution that provides deep markings on metals and plastics. The IMPACT dot-peen machine is suitable for creating small batches of plates.

Equipment nameplates identification

Equipment nameplate identification involves filling in a blank plate with custom information such as the machine or equipment type, its serial number, practical details, the manufacturer's name and address, and more.

Equipment nameplates can be made from various materials, to resist all kinds of conditions:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Brass
  • Plastic/vinyl

While some manufacturers create their own templates and designs to later fill in, other companies only produce and sell blank equipment nameplates to be filled in by their customers. In this case, different industrial marking technologies can be used (for example, a blank plate prepared with a laser can be filled in with a dot-peen machine). This does not affect the compliance of the nameplate.

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The mandatory information to be marked on your equipment nameplates depends on the standard you wish to comply with.

For example, the European standard specifies that the following information must be “marked visibly, legibly and indelibly”:

  • the business name and full address of the manufacturer and, where applicable, his authorized representative;
  • designation of the machinery;
  • the CE Marking;
  • designation of series or type;
  • serial number, if any;
  • the year of construction.

Please refer to the regulations of your country and geographical markets for more information on the standards you need to comply with (i.e.: NFPA-79/UL for the USA; JMAA/JIS for Japan; CCC for China; etc.)

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Equipment nameplates, depending on the application and industry, aren’t necessarily flat and rectangular

Regardless of your support and machinery identification plate, Gravotech provides laser marking machines and dot-peen machines to meet your quality requirements and the volume of plates to be marked.

Here are some application examples:

  • Aerospace, aeronautic & defense tags
  • Automotive tags
  • Elevator & inspection tags
  • IT, telecoms and utility pole tags
  • Scissor lifts equipment plates
  • Wire rope & chain sling tags
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CE plaque - aluminum engraving

Increase your ID plate production pace

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Batch marking

Do you have high production needs? Gravotech machines simplify plate batch industrial marking.

Some of our laser marking machines have an interior capacity to mark about 50 plates at a time. The self-centering tables and vices automatically position the plates, while surface tracking noses ensure constant depth and repeatability for small batches.

The Matrix mode of our industrial software allows for automatic incrementation of variables, serial numbers, counters, shifts, timecodes, and more.

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Automatisation of your identification plate marking

Automatic Plate Feeder

Are you looking for a plastic and metallic plate marking solution that is accessible to your operators without extensive training, while also increasing your productivity?

Our Automatic Plate Feeder (APF) accessory transforms your ID plate engraving machine into a highly efficient batch engraver. A conveyor transports the plates from the storage rack to the marking area, where they are marked. Once engraved, they are automatically stored at the end of the chain.

Ideal for batch marking of plates, badges, labels, and tags, the APF is compatible with the Impact dot-peen machine.

Contact us with your nameplate specifications so we can share our expertise with you.

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Our materials and software for equipment nameplates

Gravotech produces and offers plastic and metallic materials for many applications and productions needs.
These engraving materials answer to every criteria equipment nameplates require and react very well to our marking technologies.
Here is our engraving material recommendation for this application:

In addition, Gravotech offers a cut-to-size service on every material at their disposal. Cutting, bending, hole drilling & more in little time.

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Gravostral™ - Engraving material - Gravograph

Gravostyle™ and Lasertrace are Gravotech’s developed software solutions

Both drive Gravotech laser and rotary marking machines, and are necessary to create and program your marking jobs.

Using them for equipment nameplates allows for several use-cases:

  • Preparing the template for large batches of plates to be filled later on;

  • Filling-in and marking texts, logos, codes and variables on empty nameplates.

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Simplified interface for operators

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