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What are the criteria for selecting sign engraving materials?

Find out in our eBook how to select the ideal engraving material for your signage creation needs.

Do you make signage creation and have difficulty choosing your engraving materials? With a catalog of over 500 references, it's never easy to find the right Gravotech engraving material for your projects needs.

We've designed a dedicated application guide that takes you step by step through the selection of your sign engraving materials.

Download our eBook and discover the 4 criteria for making the right choice and not missing out on any opportunities.

eBook - Which criteria to choose sign engraving materials?

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Which factors should you consider when choosing engraving & cutting materials?

When choosing your sign engraving materials, there are several key criteria to think about: positioning of the plate, the type of signage required, the desired finish and the type of machine.

Discover in our eBook the 4 criteria to take into consideration:

  1. Your machine technology: laser or rotary engraving
  2. The location of your future signage creation
  3. The composition and aesthetic rendering expected by your customers
  4. The type of information on the sign
Gravoply™ 3C - Engraving material - Gravograph

Criteria n°1

Your machine technologies

When it comes to choosing the ideal engraving or cutting material, several factors need to be taken into account to achieve the best results.

The first thing to consider when choosing an engraving material is the technology of your machine (laser or rotary engraving or both). Not all materials can be engraved or cut, depending on the technology used.

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Outdoor signage

Criteria n°2

The location of your future signage creation

For the most demanding outdoor applications, the combination of "Material + Engraving" is no longer to be disputed, as it meets durability requirements that no other technology can match (UV printing).

Signs affixed outdoors are subject to much greater stress than those affixed indoors. Their intensity varies greatly from one application to another, depending on the place of exposure and weather conditions.

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Criteria n°3

The composition & aesthetic rendering expected by your customers

At this stage of the analysis, the two previous criteria may already have pointed you in the direction of a suitable type of material, or even the names of some Gravotech material ranges.

However, depending on the application, the choice of engraving materials can still be relatively wide. With over 500 references available, Gravotech offers you a complete range, based on the diversity of the following criteria:

  • Type of material
  • Surface finish
  • Choice of colors
  • Thickness
  • Budget
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Indoor signage made with wood etching machine

Criteria n°4

The type of information on the sign

Signage creation meets a variety of needs: guiding and orienting people, identifying and signalling spaces or objects for information or regulatory purposes... In addition to exposure to external constraints, these various objectives also influence the choice of materials to be engraved.

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Gravotech, experts in engraving materials

Gravotech engraving materials

An engraving material sheet is generally composed of several layers (often with a PMMA or ABS base), covered by a surface on which engraving or marking can be performed.

At Gravotech, these materials can have different compositions:

  • a surface and a base: a material called 2-PLY;
  • a surface, an intermediate layer and a base: a material called 3-PLY;
  • a surface, a base and a second surface: double-sided material sheet.

How it works?

During engraving, removal of the top layer allows the base and a different color to appear. Depending on the desired effect, the layers and base can be of different thicknesses. The aim: to create a readable contrast. A multitude of information can be engraved on this type of material:

  • text,
  • logo or drawing,
  • pictogram,
  • plan...
eBook - Which criteria to choose sign engraving materials?


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