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Crystal and glass engraving

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Adding a text, a logo or a picture on glass is necessary for personalizing a lot of different items:

  • On wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne flutes, or bottles for a gift, for a special event, or as a promotion tool.
  • On perfume flasks or candles.
  • On mirrors or jars for decoration.
  • On trophy or awards.
  • On photo frame.
  • It can also be used for other purposes, like windows signage or identification on glasses.

Glass can be marked in different ways: printing, serigraphy, sandblasting, manual carving machine, engraving with a laser or with a rotary machine.

Engraving is the best method to use with most types of glass, and will last, even after several washes in the dishwasher.

Engraving on glass will only affect the surface of the material and “roughen” it. The result is a very nice frozen aspect that enhances the item. Other aspects can be obtained with a laser by playing with the parameters. 

Laser engraving roughens the worked surface, while rotary diamond engraving hollows out the material to deliver a thinner engraving while maintaining its transparency.

Even if glass engraving is colorless, adding colors to the engraved design is possible by applying different colorants, also offered by Gravotech. This is ideal to get a golden engraving on a wedding glass for instance.

Laser will create your photo on the glass, line per line, creating a special moment for your customer. Custom glass engraving is a very valuable business, both technologies will ensure a fast return on investment.

Discover our glass engraving machines

Gravotech lasers are ideal for unit or small batch glass engraving, as even the smallest lasers (40W) are powerful enough for custom glass engraving. A Laser engraver also allows you to engrave on wood, plastics, or any other organic material.

Our software allows you to compose your creation, set the machine parameters automatically and launch the engraving. They all are compatible with laser and rotary machines. Our lasers can also work as printers, it means they can be driven by third-party software (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) and receive the files to “print” via their drivers.

Discover our range of cutters and lubricant, essential for a clear mechanical engraving. Our range of colouring will enhance your engraving and open new graphical possibilities

    Glass laser engraving

    Custom glass engraving

    Laser is particularly recommended for photo or logo engraving, as the results are spectacular and even the smallest detail can be engraved on glass.

    The most popular accessory of our glass engraving machine is the rotary device, as it will allow the laser to engrave all around circular items by automatically rotating them on 360°. Note that glass cannot be cut by a laser.

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    Personalised glass trophy

    Engraving glass with a laser avoids the risk of breaking the product or the tool. This contactless technology ensures safe engraving, even on the thinnest glass and it is quiet. However, cracks naturally appear when glass is lasered, depending on the glass quality (crystal is usually crack free).

    To reduce unwanted cracks, we recommend laying wet paper on the glass being processed before lasering it. This will improve the heat dissipation and therefore reduce cracked effects. When using this technique, do not forget to turn off the air assist to avoid drying the paper.

    Perfume engraved with glass laser engraving machine

    By playing with the focal distance and laser power, different aspects can be obtained with laser. Depending on the result you want, the laser parameters will be adapted automatically thanks to our Gravostyle™ software library. It allows the user to process:

    • White engraving
    • Deep engraving with the possibility to add color inside after (see Gravotech colorants catalog)
    • Frosted engraving
    • Light unpolished engraving

    Glass engraving with a rotary engraving machine

    Glass of wine customized

    Rotary engraving will result in a light engraving, looking like a traditional manual engraving. Rotary engraving is ideal for vector engraving, calligraphic text and outline logos.

    A diamond tip physically engraves the material. It ensures a perfect result whatever the glass composition. Adding lubricant avoids microcracks and leads to a fine and clear engraving.

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    Bottle of wine engraved with rotary engraving machine

    Depending on the pressure applied on the glass, the engraving can be deep enough to be filled with color or it can be light and create a scratched effect that only affect the surface of the glass.

    Engraved perfume bottle

    Rotary engraving machines are cheaper than lasers, also, there is no need for an air exhaust (contrary to the laser) the maintenance cost is low and the return on investment is faster. Rotary engraving is a compact solution and designed to be used in-stores. They are very popular to personalize small items like flasks in person to create an unforgettable moment for your customers.

    Rotary engraving machines can be easily upgraded to open new possibilities. For instance, with a rotary device you may engrave on circular items or with a lubricant tray to retrieve glass dust carried by the lubrication system.

    Mosaic of personalized jewels, glass and perfume


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