Gravotech engraving supplies

Gilding wax

Engraving filler paint
Gilding wax adds extra glow to your engravings.
Create a perfectly contrasted rotary engraving to add high value to your personalized object. Glass and metal engraving can sometimes lack reading contrast.

High quality metallic finish

  • Silver and gold Gilding waxes contain very fine metallic particles, coated with a wax binder to create a high quality engraving filler paint with a metallic look.

For glass & metals

  • Suitable for glass and metals objects, our gilding waxes are perfect for sectors requiring high added-value personalization such as jewelry, perfumes, watches, glasses or even pens.

Gold and silver gilding wax

  • Exists in 2 colors : gold or silver gilding wax, to ensure a readable and contrasted rotary engraving on almost all gift items.

Gilding wax : benefits

By adding a name, date or special message to a gift item, silver or gold gilding wax engravings add a personal touch that ensures a meaningful and memorable gift. Create a truly sophisticated experience for your customer and make them feel luxury and high value about your product.

Gilding waxes are sold in small jar of 30 mL (1 oz), a perfect size for in-store personalization service.


Advice for use:

  1. Apply the gilding wax in the hollow of the rotary engraving.
  2. Let the silver or gold gilding wax dry for a few minutes.
  3. Clean your personalized object with the odorless mineral spirit and a wipe to remove excess wax that remains on the surface.

The engraving must remain completely filled with the gilding wax.

Gilding wax: Part numbers

Gold: 86550
Silver: 86551

Odorless mineral spirit
245 mL (8.3 oz)

Ref. 86552

Gilding wax: Cotton swabs

Bevelled Cotton swabs
Sold by 10 units

Ref. 75167


Flat Cotton swabs
Sold by 50 units

Ref. 75163