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Asia Controller & China General Manager

"Inadvertently, I have walked into the best decade of my career at Gravotech! They offered me amazing opportunities to grow from a freshly graduated intern all the way to Regional Finance Head and Country General Manager, a unique journey that I couldn’t imagine anywhere else.

As a young Chinese woman, at Gravotech, I am always enabled by equal opportunity and empowerment from top management.

With the strong sense of belonging, I am eager to witness and contribute to the profitable and sustainable growth of Gravotech in the next decade."



Managing Director – Germany and Austria GmbH

"I joined Gravotech in 2011 as a VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprise) and since then I've had the opportunity to gain experience and develop in several different positions over the years.

Gravotech's organizational structure makes it easy to connect and collaborate with colleagues around the world and across all departments. Gravotech offers opportunities for advancement, facilitates skills development, and gives responsibility. 

You can really create and implement your own projects and make a difference. 

I'm currently European Area Manager, responsible for a large team of 150 employees of ten different nationalities. It's a great source of pride to be able to work in this multicultural context and help shape Gravotech's future."

Gravotech employee


After-Sales Team Manager

"After a temporary contract, I joined Gravotech as an assembler. Shortly thereafter, a position for a repair technician was posted for internal recruitment, I applied and was selected.

Afterwards, I was able to join the hotline department where I worked as a technician for almost 10 years. In 2014, I became the technical referent for the international after-sales service and then team leader.

Since my integration, Gravotech has allowed me to follow training courses so that I can fully carry out my functions (technical and managerial).

All these experiences have been beneficial to me and have allowed me to evolve both professionally and personally."

Gravotech employee


Sales Manager

"I joined Gravotech Group more than 12 years ago, few weeks later I sold my first engraving machine and I fell in love with the engraving world…

I’m happy to assist customers from different markets in their marking and engraving journey and I love to share my knowledge. I have been involved in the creation of professional trainings and seminars which help engravers improve their functional and operational skills.

Gravotech gives me the opportunity to create, develop and lead “Lasers Seminars” and I’ve trained more than 1 000 customers. Another great thing about working with Gravotech customers is that a “typical engraving project” is never typical, there is always something challenging and every day is filled with new learning opportunities, new materials, customers specifications and a lot of tests!"



Graphic Designer Junior (Work-study contract)

"I joined the Operational Marketing team in Rillieux-la-Pape in September as a Junior Graphic Designer on a work-study program.

My integration went very well. I was quickly introduced to Gravotech's technologies and corporate culture. Here, I learn and become more professional every day. I am trusted to carry out projects and no two days are alike.

For me, it's a great opportunity to start my professional life in such a caring and formative environment. "

Gravotech employee


Prototype and Test Engineer - Photonics

"In September 2020, I joined Gravotech as part of my Photonics, Vision, and Image engineering course for a 3-year work-study program, a crucial choice for my degree and my future. 

Very interested in laser technology, Gravotech was an obvious choice. I started out in the strategic marketing department, where I acted as a link between the technical side and the market, before moving on to the technical side and joining the R&D department. 

My integration and interactions with the various departments went very smoothly. My evolution from technician to engineer in terms of autonomy and reflection was punctuated by rich and varied assignments. I was lucky enough to be able to make the most of it by signing a permanent contract at the end of my contract, so that I could continue to flourish in the teams and on the various subjects."

Gravotech employee


Distribution team leader

"Currently in the position of Consumables Distribution Team Leader, I have been with Gravotech for over 12 years, and my experience has been amazing. What really stood out to me was the incredible spirit of teamwork that thrives here.

From day one, I felt like I was part of a big family. The atmosphere at Gravotech is all about collaboration and helping each other out. It's like we're all working together to create something special. And that something special is helping our customers. It's not just about meeting our goals; it's about going the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy. 

The cooperation here is infectious. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about helping each other grow and succeed. It's about celebrating each other's victories and supporting each other through challenges. In the end, at Gravotech, it's not just a job; it's a shared journey where we all have a common goal to make our customers' lives better with the service and products provided."

Gravotech employee


Firmware group manager

"I joined Gravotech in the Lyon region in October 2005 as a work-study apprentice in embedded Linux development in R&D. At the time, the project was focused on the development of a new software package for a new application.

The project at the time revolved around the renewal of micro-percussion with the launch of the P5000/UC500 ranges, which some customers are still using. 

The apprenticeship then led to a permanent contract in 2007 as an embedded software development engineer.

For the past 2 years, I've overseen the team in which I've worked all these years.

Gravotech supported me in this change to a more managerial role and trained me to make the most of this change. 

What characterizes our team is that everyone knows each other inside out, and the team is made up of motivated individuals. The atmosphere contributes to good day-to-day performance."

Philipe Fardet


After-Sales Repair Logistics Manager

"Hired in March 1988 as a logistics employee, I've had a long, rich, and winding career. Today, I'm the After-Sales Repair Logistics Manager.

I joined the company with pride, ambition, and a determination to succeed. It was surrounded by great people who taught me a lot that I managed to build what I have today. The culture of sharing that was passed on to me, and which used to be Gravotech's strength, is now mine.

That's why, for me, participative management is the greatest success.

Without our teams, we wouldn't be as efficient. It's not just the department manager who deserves the credit - as the saying goes, "Alone we go faster, together we go further!"